Motorbike Hire – Towards Great Adventures

There’s a lot that goes into motorbike hire when going on an adventure. ‘Do as the locals do’ does not always apply to visitors who hire motorcycles while visiting other countries. Local riding styles maybe tempting and fun. Don’t just try it. Riding a motorcycle is not only freeing but also thrilling. Below are some guidelines to follow when hiring motorcycles along with places to visit in some countries if you happen to visit.

Good to know when hiring a motorcycle

When hiring a motorcycle, you should check for visible scratches and damages. You must also ensure that the owner acknowledges this scratches and damages. Doing this will prevent you from being scammed since you might be blamed for the damages. You can even take photos to act as proof.

Adventure Motorcycle Trips
Adventure Motorcycle Trips

When hiring a motorcycle, you should also try to familiarize yourself with the bike and its controls. Although different countries and regions have different standards, you might want to go through extra motorbike training from home to make sure you have the freshened up on the right driving techniques. Look out for the safety of the bike, the effectiveness of the brakes, the gas throttle and its responsiveness and you must check if the headlight switches are working.

Consider turning them all on including the rev engine. You must also check if the motorcycles from renting companies have automatic or manual gears. Finally you should be aware that the rear and front brakes of automatic gears act as handle lever brakes and it is advisable that you use them together simultaneously.

You must also look into what is required to hire motorcycles. Individuals wishing to hire motorcycles in must provide their motorcycle license, credit card for processing the security deposit and overseas clients must submit their passports.

There are some requirements one has to meet to hire a motorcycle. You must also look into what they offer along with the packages. You should check if the motorcycle rentals offer insurance covers or not.

Motorcycle Rental Insurance

The motorcycle rental companies also offer insurance to motorcycle hires. The motorcycle insurance does not however cover:

  • Injury or loss of personal belongings to the rider.
  • Costs of transporting the motorcycle and
  • Loss of rental due to extensive damage.

Individuals hiring a motorcycle in Australia, must pay a 20% non-refundable booking deposit (minimum AU$ 100). In the event of cancellation, the following fees are incurred

  • 20% of the total fee if the cancellation if over 30 days prior to the start date
  • 50% of the total fee if the cancellation occurs between 6-30 days prior to the start date
  • 80% of the total fee if the cancellation occurs between 2-6 days prior to the start date
  • 100% of the total fee if cancellation occurs within 48 hours.

Motorbike Hire Australia

Motorbike in Australia
Motorbike in Australia

Australia has a warm weather climate throughout the year with little precipitation. This climate is ideal for adventure seekers. It also has the some of the world’s best motorcycle routes. In Sydney Australia, more often than not, the winter are drier than the summer with cooler temperatures and clear skies. The motorcycle routes in Sydney are Blue Mountains, Waterfall Way, Hunter Valley and Snowy Mountains. Melbourne on the other hand has world renown routes like Alpine National Park, Grampians National Park and the Great Ocean Road.

Western Australia has an amazing and clear coastline like the Crimson Red Outback and the Kimberley’s. Cairns has the Great Barrier Reef and it ideally neighbors a rainforest. Brisbane has a stunning motorcycle route in the Fraser Island and Sunshine Coast.

Motocycle rental in Australia

Motorbike Hire Bali

It is advisable to hire motorcycles in Bali since they will reign supreme over the messy traffic situations. It also allows for easier navigation since they can go to places four wheels can’t. By hiring a motorcycle in Bali, you can plan for multiple day rentals. Beach resorts in Sanur, Jimbaran and Kuta have rugged terrain with exotic attractions like Candidasa. Motorcycle rentals in this regions don’t offer insurance since they are small and locally run.

Top motorbike rentals in Bali

Motorbike Hire Thailand

Riding through Thailand on a motorcycle
Riding through Thailand on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle in Thailand is nothing less than thrilling. Bikers from around the globe have explored for themselves the beauty of Thailand. Thailand is known for its unique scenery along with its mountainous areas. Bikers can visit the ancient temple sites they can explore the Golden Triangle Area.

Top 10 tips for renting a motorbike in Thailand

Motorbike Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland has great roads and scenery that any biker could wish for. From the winding and twisting descents and ascents, to long tarmacked stretches with breathtaking surrounding, there is reason to hire a motorcycle in Edinburg and experience this.

Scotlands leading motorcycle rental company

Motorbike Hire Paphos

 If you happen to be in Paphos Cyprus, there are more ways to get around that public transport and foot. You can also hire a motorcycle in Paphos from the local suppliers and climb Mount Olympus, (literally). Mount Olympus is the highest peak of the Troodos mountains. There is also Lara Bay which is part of the Akamas Peninsula.

Motorcycle rentals from

Motorbike Hire Portugal

Travel to Portugal
Travel to Portugal

You can travel and get to know Portugal and its regions better by hiring a motorcycle. With this, you can move freely within the city and visit the tourist attraction sites like Castle of Sao Jorge that is along the Tagus river in its capital, Lisbon.

Explore Portugal with motoxplorers

Motorbike Hire Vietnam

Adventure Motorcycle Trip to Vietnam
Adventure Motorcycle Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is no ordinary country. Visiting and travelling around Vietnam by a motorcycle is very rewarding. Hiring a motorcycle is Vietnam is rather easy as there are shops along alleys with signs reading Car and Motorcycle Rentals.’ The country is rich with diversity. It is more than challenging to decide on where to ride be. You can choose to go the south and see their cities along with the coastline and mountainous regions. You can also ride around the Cat Tien national park.

Quality motorbike rentals in Vietnam

Adventure Motorcycle Trips in Generel

There is a lot that goes into hiring a motorcycle in these different regions. Everything and everyone is different. How you choose to do it may be different. Doing it for adventure is one way to go. Different regions call for different bikes. For adventure, it is always a good choice to go with the American motorcycle, Harley Davidson. And if you want to find the special someone to travel with before the trip, or even while travelling, check out our post on Biker Dating Sites.

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